Look up!

A quick post. We passed through Geneva Airport early on Saturday afternoon on the way to Zermatt. A total of 10 hours travelling of which only 100 minutes was in the air. There’s a lot of waiting around with flights.

Geneva is not my favourite airport except that the railway station is directly underneath the airport. Now that is a good thing. Collect bags, go through Arrivals, along two corridors (passing through a giant revolving door on the way), past the ticket office and down the escalators to the platforms. 5 minutes walk, probably less than that.

But as you approach the escalators – Stop! – and look up.

Geneva - a distorted view - click to enlarge

Shiny metal slatted ceiling brilliantly reflecting distorted images of the escalator riders.

Canon G10 as always in the pocket – quick image. Job done.

It’s snowing tonight in Zermatt – will hopefully post from the slopes Sunday evening.

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  1. Very cool Andy. Have a great time.


  2. Another very cool shot Andy!


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