Nearing Completion – at sunset

A slightly clumsy title that encompasses two themes: A sunset, and a building nearing completion that reflected it.

I have been planning to write about the building itself for a few weeks, but let’s get to the sunset first.

Last week driving home, the late afternoon sun was magnificent and I knew there was likely to be a reflected image of it in the window glass of the building, so I dumped the car in the nearest car park and sure enough: there was a dramatic image to capture.

Reflected glory - click to enlarge

This is a significant and dramatic new building with strong visual lines, nearing completion, close to Milton Keynes railway station. It will be the new HQ for Network Rail – the government-created owner and operator of most of the rail infrastructure including railway tracks, signals, tunnels, bridges and level crossings but not the rolling stock. It also owns but does not manage over 2,500 stations.

Like many of the principal buildings in MK, glass clads much of the building, adding to its visual appeal.

Cherry Picker_1

In the last month or two, cherry pickers (aerial lift platforms), have been fussing around it, masterminding the finishing touches. Each time I pass it on the way to catch a train, there’s something different to capture.

I confidently predict this will be a much photographed building – security permitting.

Cherry Picker_2


Cherry Picker_3

Cherry Picker

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  1. Rachel Cohen says:

    Very cool images. I love buildings and architecture. The lines and reflections are great!


  2. Awesome set! I love architectural photography and you really have captured this building magnificently, my friend!


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