Window Snapping

This is the time of year when couples go out shopping together.  Don’t you just love that!? Sometimes it works, but the likelihood is that for at least part of that trip you’ll split up and go your own way with an agreement to meet up in an hour or so. So you synchronize watches and go your separate ways. And what happens? One of you finishes ages before the other and ends up kicking their heels, frustrated (or worse) as the deadline slips and you can’t reach him/her on the mobile because they’re in a no-signal area, or the mobile is buried at the bottom of the bag/pocket, or left at home, or the battery has chosen this moment to go flat. Or worse, if you’re my age you’ve forgotten where you were supposed to meet, and to compound the error you also left the mobile at home! Some of that sound familiar?

House of Fraser sign - click to enlarge

[The House of Fraser sign – or the first word of it – reflected in the window glass]

I have a solution – take the camera and go window snapping. Similar to window shopping, except this version in no way involves thoughts of buying anything! In the Pre-Christmas season the window dressers usually work overtime to dress the windows to entice you in, and when it gets dark early the windows light up providing colorful displays. We are fortunate to live near the vast indoor malls of Milton Keynes that provide a load of opportunities; and what’s more, you stay dry and warm.

Go Forth and..... - click to enlarge

Here are a few shots taken last week when I went snapping and my wife went shopping and we met up happy. Result!  This is another post where 90% is the work of someone else (in this case mainly the window dressers) and 10% mine.

Levi jeans (above) were instructing everyone to ‘Go Forth…!’ And do what? Somehow, I don’t think they had the original Biblical quote ‘Go forth and multiply’ in mind nor it’s modern re-working. Maybe ‘Go Forth and Recreate’ is closer to their intended vision.

There’s often drama in window displays after dark. I’ve titled the one below: ‘Head and Shoulders’.

Head and Shoulders - click to enlarge

The ‘Next’ fashion store provided the backdrop for the last three in this Post. Their theme for Christmas suggested a Party atmosphere: giant baubles and glitter balls.  God knows we all need cheering up in the current economic crisis. But the men’s window implied that the Guys hadn’t quite got the message: their body language suggested that they had already fallen out and were no longer talking:

We don't talk any more - click to enlarge

But, in contrast, the ladies were having a good gossip:

What's the latest gossip? - click to enlarge

Finally in the major exhibition square outside ‘Next’ there was an unlikely  juxtaposition of objects that immediately conjured a scenario and a title: ‘My next car has just got to be Red’!

My next car has got to be Red - click to enlarge

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10 Responses to Window Snapping

  1. Len Saltiel says:

    This is great advice Andy. I seem to spend a lot of time waiting and should be snapping away. The only problem is that I would probably have hundreds of images ; )


  2. ken bello says:

    The shot with the giant glitter balls are fantastic. You made the best of a bad situation. If ya gotta shop, this is the way to do it. I may bring a small camera with me next time.


  3. Marc says:

    Great idea Andy. If I was to add up the amount of ‘lost’ time waiting for my other half at the shops I’d live another lifetime! Think I’ll give it a go next time.
    Love the glitter ball shots.


  4. Terrific shots here Andy but I have a problem. What if I’m the one who’s usually taking pictures and I’m also the shopper in the family. Hmmmm…I’m lucky I have a hubby who has a lot of patience.


  5. Jimi Jones says:

    Great shots and a great idea, Andy. I do have a series on “Window Shopping” but never thought of combining it into an actual shopping trip. 😉 If we don’t do something with the extra time, we’ll be standing around like dummies. LOL Okay, couldn’t resist that one. 🙂


  6. Dave DiCello says:

    Amen to that man, the camera is definitely my sidekick when my wife goes shopping! What a cool series you’ve captured here Andy, really creative!


  7. Adam Allegro says:

    Cool captures! I usually get to take my time and photograph whenever I send my GF off to shop… my favorite times 🙂


  8. Hi really like the reflection shot (memories), its years since I’ve been to the shopping centre in MK which (although I predate it) is technically my home town.


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