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Something different today:

This magnificent Bronze of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in conversation, sits at the south end of Bond Street in London’s Mayfair district. It’s called (appropriately) “Allies”. The sculpture was a gift in 1995 to the City of Westminster by the Bond Street Association of shops and businesses. It commemorates 50 years of peace, and celebrates the Trans-Atlantic Alliance that was so crucial to victory in WW2.  The sculptor is Lawrence Holofcenor.

It’s a popular landmark frequented by tourists who pose incongruously, and often rather disrespectfully, between the two leaders. I suspect many of them probably have no concept of its significance. It requires patience to acquire sole access to capture a meaningful photo.

What I hoped to achieve was an image that had warmth and intimacy, in keeping with the thinking behind the sculpture.  The warm afternoon light, a low viewpoint (Canon G10 almost at pavement level) and an uncluttered frame have helped.

I had already planned this as my next post when I saw Len Saltiel’s brilliant image of another of London’s bronzes commemorating WW2 on the Thames Embankment. Do take a look at Len’s post. Click here.

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  1. Marc says:

    I used to work in Bond Street and walked past these gentlemen every day! I like the angle you’ve chosen for this. Thanks for the bringing back some fond memories!


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